Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School (BYIS)


BYIS provides high quality, 21st Century learning experience at a supportive, nurturing, and community-based campus conveniently located in a charming, open setting in the Sukhumvit area. Our generous teacher-to-student ratio offersa more personal education experience than other schools. We are a member of ISAT and we are currently being assessed for CIS and NEASCaccreditation. We are also a proud member of the Beaconhouse School System, the largest education network of its type in the world, with around 274,000 students in schools worldwide.


We offer the British National Curriculum, enriched with the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage lifelong learning and responsible global citizenship.

21st Century learning strategies are integrated in each subject, building the independence, self-reflection, and confidence of our students (see BYIS 21st Century Skills video).

Our trained and experienced educators deliver interlinked, themed lessons wherever possible to build a deeper knowledge of the subject.

Homework is set as manageable, independent learning and is kept to a minimum.
As well as formal continuous assessment, students also evaluate their learning experiences independently using journals to set personalised learning goals.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is a seven-part holistic programme based on developmentally appropriate play, through which our students acquire foundation numeracy and literacy skills while developing a love of learning. Students practice communicative language in our themed phonics lessons, which keep reading interesting with fun and engaging activities(see BYIS Phonics video).

For Primary students, each subject is enriched with high-interest, meaningful topics. Students are given time to consolidate and apply their learning, which deepens their understanding. Project and enquiry-based learning are integrated in the core subjects, allowing students to guide and become responsible for their own learning.

Our co-curricular activities are held on the last period of every Friday. We currently offer Environment Club, Reading Club, Cooking Club, and Sports Clubs such as football, and basketball. Our extra-curricular activities include swimming, dance, and Art, and are held after school.


We have three main single-story buildings situated on almost one square kilometre of land with plenty of green areas in which students can explore nature and play sports.
Our facilities include an indoor gym and basketball court, a soft playground, a covered swimming pool, school bus service, and a healthy lunch menu.

Our purpose-built 21st Century Green Classrooms are a welcome extension to our stimulating and engaging learning environment, and feature a state-of-the-art Learning Resources Centre (LRC), science laboratory, music, and computer rooms, and eight purpose-built classrooms.

The LRC offers a wide range of printed and electronic media to enhance and advance literacy skills through independent reading, learning, and research. Our multi-purpose,
hi-tech science laboratory supports a wide range of practical activities across all disciplines, and aims to nurture a love of the sciences. Practical activities reinforce and consolidate students’ theoretical understanding of each topic, better preparing them for examinations and further studies.

BYIS community

Our community approach gives our campus a real family atmosphere. Students from different levels get to know one another and to play together. We foster close relationships with parents, encouraging them to get involved at BYIS and support school-related events. We actively encourage parent feedback to help us understand what we do well and what we may need to improve upon.

For more information, please visit the school, or contact us through:

LINE: @byis (or scan the code by clicking here)


BYIS Phonics


166/1 Pattanakarn Soi 78, Prawet
Bangkok 10250

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Fax: (+66) 02-722-2576


  • ISAT
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Drop-off time: 08:50 for Early Years and 07:50 for Primary Early years and Primary pick up time: 15:00


BYIS 21st Century Skills


7 Reviews
Primary Parents

When our child started at BYIS earlier this year, we were worried about his having to adjust himself to all new friends, teachers, and the school’s system. But we were amazed at how quickly he settled in. The school was so welcoming that he soon became used to everything. He always talks about his friends and teachers positively at home, which we think shows that he loves the school. Thank you to all the teachers at BYIS for supporting him and making his school life more meaningful.

August 2017

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Primary Parents

We are so happy that we chose BYIS for our boy's education. He has learned so many things through the integrated curriculum. The school environment is so nice and friendly, and has a homely feel. All the teachers can remember all the students’ names correctly, which we think is fantastic. We believe that our boy will grow up to be a good boy in the future, with high Emotional and Intelligence Quotients. We really appreciate the teachers for the kindness and attention they give to our boy and the other students.

August 2017

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Primary Parents

After I decided to let my child join BYIS, he became an enthusiastic learner who enjoys school. He now shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved, and also makes friends more quickly. He is now confident enough to spontaneously share his personal experiences and opinions with friends.

August 2017

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