Beaconhouse Yamsaard International School (BYIS)


BYIS provides high quality, 21st Century learning experiences at a supportive, nurturing, and community-based campus conveniently located in a charming, open setting in the Sukhumvit area. Our generous teacher-to-student ratio offers a more personal education experience than other schools. We are a member of ISAT and CIS and are currently undergoing the process of NEASC accreditation. We are also a proud member of the Beaconhouse School System, the largest education network of its type in the world, with around 274,000 students in schools worldwide.  

At BYIS, we based our definition on The New Social Learning by Tony Bingham and Marcia Conner as we believe it aligns with our core values.   We define learning as the transformative process of taking in information that when internalized and mixed with what we have experienced– changes what we know and builds on what we do.  It’s based on input, intentional process, and reflection.“It is what changes us”.


Our Cornerstones Curriculum is broad, balanced and meets the requirements of the UK National Agenda and at the primary level is combined with the Cambridge International School Curriculum and Testing ensuring our students are able to compete at any international school across the globe. It has a project-based, thematic approach and provides children with a range of rich and memorable learning experiences.

The Cornerstones curriculum from the UK ensures that learning is done in a way which is engaging and fun.Students look at a number of different themes (Individual Learning Projects/ILP) throughout the year.  These ILP’s grow knowledge, skills and a strong developmental disposition in our learners.Each ILP takes students through four stages of learning; Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express.


  • The ENGAGE stage inspires our students to be adventurous, curious and excited about further learning. We often utilise a memorable experience to ‘hook’ the learners.
  • The DEVELOP stage encourages our students to be industrious, purposeful and resilient. Learners demonstrate new skills and given time for consolidation.
  • The INNOVATE stage awakens students’ imagination, invention and resourcefulness. Learners integrate and assess the application of previously learned skills.
  • The EXPRESS stage teaches our students to be confident, articulate and reflective.   This stage encourages reflective talk through questions and provides opportunities for shared evaluation and to celebration of success while enhancing communication skills.


Each year our staff members undergo rigorous training ensuring consistent quality instruction and positive behaviour management for all students.  Consistency is the key to creating a safe learning environment.

 Early Years Program

 At BYIS we believe the early years of a child's life are foundational in their future learning and development.  Our holistic curriculum covers all areas of learning; communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design. 

 Primary Program

 In our primary department we aim to have learners engaged through interesting topics and hands-on activities to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of themes and concepts. Each of our learners should not only know what they are learning but why they are learning, in order to connect each objective and skill to the real world. Our students work individually and collaboratively creating a diverse and curious learning community.

Cambridge curriculum gives our learners the ability to develop on an international level and compete to be world leaders.  Our learners alsotake the Cambridge ProgressionTests twice a yearto ensure appropriate mastery of concepts.

 Extra-Curricular Programs

Our holistic approach to learning is supported by our club activities which are held the last period of every Friday. We currently offer Environmental Club, Reading Club, Cooking Club, Jewelry Making Club and sports clubs such as football, badminton and basketball. Our after school extra-curricular activities include swimming, ballet, football, ICT, and art, as well as all academic subjects to provide additional support and growth. These activities change monthly supporting a diverse range of interests.


We have three main single-story buildings situated on almost one square kilometre of land with plenty of green areas to inspire student exploration, creativity and physical well-being.

Our new purpose-built 21st Century Green Classrooms are a welcome extension to our stimulating and engaging learning environment, and feature a state-of-the-art Learning Resources Centre (LRC), science laboratory, computer room, and eight purpose-built classrooms.

The LRC offers a wide range of printed and electronic media to enhance and advance literacy skills through independent reading, learning, and research. Our multi-purpose,hi-tech science laboratory supports a wide range of practical activities across all disciplines, and aims to nurture a love of the sciences. Practical activities reinforce and consolidate students’ theoretical understanding of each topic, better preparing them to become global leaders in an ever changing society.

Our facilities include an indoor gym and basketball court, a separate music building, a soft playground, a covered swimming pool, school bus service, and a healthy lunch menu supporting our holistic approach to education.

 BYIS community

Our community approach gives our campus a real family atmosphere. Students from different levels get to know one another and to play together. We foster close relationships with parents, encouraging them to get involved at BYIS and support school-related events. We have a thriving Parent-Teacher Association which further strengthens the entire BYIS family and ensures we work together to achieve the best possible results for our learners. 

 For more information, please visit the school, or contact us through:

LINE: @byis (or scan the code by clicking here)


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166/1 Pattanakarn Soi 78, Prawet
Bangkok 10250

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Drop-off time: 08:50 for Early Years and 07:50 for Primary Early years and Primary pick up time: 15:00


8 Reviews
Ross Palmer
BYIS June 2019

“Since October 2018, we have had our three children in the BYIS School Pattanakarn. Prior to this we were living in Australia. Regretfully we are soon taking the children out to relocate to Pattaya. Their experiences at BYIS have been positive and we have very much appreciated the personal attention given to each of the children. I have never before experienced a school where teachers take a personal commitment to the development of their students – thanks. The small classes have greatly assisted in this personal attention. I have enjoyed seeing teachers cuddling my kids and vice versa (something that does not happen in Australia). For most of the time it has been easy to get the kids to school and difficult to drag them out of the grounds at the end of the day. The most positive change that we have seen in the time at BYIS, is the development of the concept of what it is to be in an international world, where different languages, cultures and lifestyle experiences interact. Thanks.”

June 2019

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Primary Parents

When our child started at BYIS earlier this year, we were worried about his having to adjust himself to all new friends, teachers, and the school’s system. But we were amazed at how quickly he settled in. The school was so welcoming that he soon became used to everything. He always talks about his friends and teachers positively at home, which we think shows that he loves the school. Thank you to all the teachers at BYIS for supporting him and making his school life more meaningful.

August 2017

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Primary Parents

We are so happy that we chose BYIS for our boy's education. He has learned so many things through the integrated curriculum. The school environment is so nice and friendly, and has a homely feel. All the teachers can remember all the students’ names correctly, which we think is fantastic. We believe that our boy will grow up to be a good boy in the future, with high Emotional and Intelligence Quotients. We really appreciate the teachers for the kindness and attention they give to our boy and the other students.

August 2017

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