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Clearing the Air about Pollution

by Harrow International School Bangkok on

Air pollution is gaining more media attention and concerning more people around the globe than ever before. But what are the main reasons for it, what problems does it cause and what can we do about it?... Read full article

Air Pollution: What you should know about the particle pollution threat

by Dr. Pratan Vathesatogkit on

Bangkok’s recent bout of elevated pollution levels has brought attention to a group of unfamiliar terms — particle pollution, particulate matter, N95, and AQI — and provided a public wake-up call to the hazards of air pollution.... Read full article

Gluten Free Thailand


Gluten Free Thailand. Smaller restaurants are not super knowlegable on what you wish to avoid. Hotel restaurants and the more professional places will have Gluten Free Options. We have listed a few websites with comprehensive information. ... Read full article

Dengue fever epidemic in Thailand

by Dr. Asda Vibhagool on

Thailand is going through its largest dengue fever epidemic in more than two decades, with more people infected by the mosquito-borne disease that ever with over 120 fatalities so far this year.... Read full article

Why you should go for a walk every single day


If you haven’t exercised in a while, or are looking for something easy you can do every single day give walking a try. It’s the perfect low impact way to exercise. It’s easy to do, you don’t need any special equipment.... Read full article

How to Call an Ambulance in Thailand

by Dr. Montree Suriya-Amrith on

How to call an ambulance in Thailand is a question often raised in Bumrungrad Hospital. Often residents in the country cannot recall the nationwide medical emergency number or are not even aware that it exists. It could be a life saver.... Read full article

Emergency Numbers

by Bumrungrad Hospital on

In case of emergency…By definition, an emergency situation does not give us time to plan or make arrangements, which is why it’s so important to have the right contact numbers already on hand in case you need them.... Read full article

Hospitals in Bangkok

by Bumrungrad Hospital on

From life-saving treatments to elective procedures, Bangkok is home to many top-rated international hospitals that can address all your medical needs. Hospitals, local or international, have the necessary facilities to accommodate your needs,... Read full article

Health Insurance

by Bumrungrad Hospital on

Make sure you have good health insurance in Thailand, there are many providers both internationally and locally, most will deal direct with the hospital of your choice to avoid you having to pay first, best to check beforehand.... Read full article

Bangkok First Aid

by Ian Cunningham on

The team at Bangkok First Aid provide several Basic Life Support (BLS) training courses which are available in Thai, French or English eg CPR & AED, Primary and Secondary Care, Care for Children etc. ... Read full article