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How to survive the first month at school; A guide for parents with young children.

by Lisy Ros on

As a parent, the first two years of your child's life are an exhilarating adventure. It is a wonderful experience, however, many will agree that it is also very challenging, both mentally and physically demanding.... Read full article

Small is beautiful: the advantages presented by small class sizes and small schools.

by Mr. Timothy Cooper on

Parents have a clear sense that the smaller teaching groups within a smaller school will bring major advantages to their child’s education, academic achievement, and consequently greater opportunities for future life success.... Read full article

The Perfect Choice for Young Learners – Harrow Bangkok

by Article by Richard Green on

More and more parents in Thailand are realising the benefits of sending their children to an international school so there is stiff competition for places at the best. However, enrolling your child in the Early Years will give them an advantage.... Read full article

Looking out for Your Teenager’s Mental Health

by Harrow International School Bangkok on

Nurturing emotional wellbeing during the turbulent teenage years is particularly important as this stage in people’s lives is when mental health disorders most often develop. To put this into context, in a school with 1600 on... Read full article

Adoption in Thailand

by Siam Legal on

Thailand is a popular destination not just for business and leisure, but also for adoption. The recent years have seen Thai children being placed for adoption to couples and individuals abroad, as well as to those within the country. ... Read full article

International Schools Overview


Thailand has well over one hundred international schools that offer education in English and other languages such as French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. These schools offer education from K-12 for local and international students. ... Read full article

Sanity Saving Time Management Tips for Your Family


Striking a Balance: School vs. Extracurricular Activities Minimizing Time Sucks for Teens Reign In And Refocus Your Distracted Teen in 4 Easy Steps Avoiding Early Morning Chaos: A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way... Read full article

Fun, Budget-Friendly Activities for Kids of All Ages


Fun and Learning at the Beach, Host a Backyard Getaway, Budget-Friendly Backyard Fun and Games for Every Age, Summertime Activities to Get the Creative Juices Flowing, Fun & Easy Science Experiments Kids Will Love, and much more!... Read full article

The Basic Rules for Traveling with Kids


For most people, the only time when the thought of traveling with kids wasn’t frightening was before they actually had kids of their own! Those with children often cringe at the thought of traveling (in any fashion) with their kids in tow.... Read full article